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HOW IT'S MADE: T.M. Wood Machines

TM Wood  Shop

Ever wonder how we make the materials we re-purpose and create to sell? We have many different machines readily available to make the handmade materials we are known for.  From two moulders, to arch shapers - we have it all. Our CNC Moulder with digital technology allows us to develop quicker leadtimes and cleaner moulding details. Every piece of equipment in our factory is updated every couple of years to ensure you will receive the best quality material possible. These machines have helped us take our custom hand carved designs to create efficient and beautiful materials such as crown, case, base, and more for your home. For those of you who love watching how the machines operate, there is a video gallery below of some of our machines. Keep in touch to see the latest videos and more on our instagram page, @tmwoodproducts.