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What do we sell?

Here at T.M. Wood Products, we offer quality, unique and long-lasting wood materials for your home. Every piece of wood that leaves our shop is manufactured with the finest care and time. We carry a wide line of materials used to build interiors of homes, such as mouldings (case, base,crown, panel moulding, etc.), stair materials (nosing, treads, newel posts, iron spindles, etc.), interior and exterior doors (entry doors, fiberglass doors, wood doors, steel doors, etc.), hardware (cabinet, door, bath hardware), cabinets (kitchen, bath & vanities), and flooring (vinyl, laminate, solid wood, engineered wood). We know interior designing and picking out products can be stressful. In order to help aid you in the process, we are constantly expanding our product lines and providing design help from our staff to ensure a quick and easy decision and an overall great experience.

What do we make?

We are able to produce many wood product materials in our shop due to our many operating machines and equipment. In our factory, we run our own millwork - casing, base, crown, panel moulding, stair treads and bullnose to name a few. Want a different design than what's provided? We can make a custom knife to build your own trim or woodwork. T.M. Wood is one of the only companies in our area making custom flexible material for window arcs and areas with a bend. On top of flexible material, we have flexible decor pieces and more.

What do we offer?

With over 30+ years of experience in the trade, our excellent staff can help provide you with the best and honest advice when building or remodeling your home. It is our duty and responsibility to point you in the right direction to ensure a smooth building process to occur. Our team has been working hand in hand with many carpenters and builders to diminish any sort of miscommunications for years. We have grown important relationships with these individuals to ensure a easy planning and a timely project execution. Need advice on who to hire for what? We have your back. Need design help? We have your back. Come visit us to see what we're about!

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